"Conversations on Color" Series is on Spotify!

"Conversations on Color" series, which DYO developed with AURA ISTANBUL (Istanbul Academy of Architecture and Urbanization Research), discusses the concept of color with its colorful guests and unique perspectives, is now on Spotify.

Interview series describe the architecture of the place in terms of color different disciplines. The interviews in which the audience witnessed multi-colored conversations for 10 weeks were watched more than 1.5 million times on Youtube. It is now possible to reach this enjoyable podcast series via Spotify, the world's largest music platform.

Paying attention to investing in the field of culture and arts, DYO became the first paint company to have a channel on this platform with its podcast work on Spotify. Cooperating with AURA Istanbul since 2019, DYO aims to contribute to architecture and urban culture with this collaboration. "Conversations on Color"  project has a content that consumers can also enjoy.

In the series, guests redefined the concept of color with their unique perspectives. Turkey's leading architects and guest, gastronomy from the trip, from philosophy to literature, from archeology to contemporary art, music, architecture, fashion design, color science to chat in many areas of the civilization took place.

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