DYO Russia Factory

DYO, which is one of the first companies to enter the Russian market among other Turkish paint brands in the 1990s, continues its activities with AO KEMIPEX company, which is a 100% DYO affiliate founded in 1996 in the city of Krasnodar. With the water-based construction paints production facility opened in 2010, it currently performs its production operations in a closed area of 1,650 m2, with a production capacity of 6000 tons/year, within the scope of the "YAŞAR HOLDING" policy.

All paint production in our factory is performed with a state-of-the-art technology and labor in accordance with international standards and quality control processes are carried out regularly in laboratories according to international ISO standards.

DYO branded products address many areas varying from industrial to personal requirements. The field of activities can be listed as construction, furniture, automobile, marine, powder paints, coil and protective paints with unlimited color options.

DYO brand paints meet the consumers at about 1000 sales points in Russia. The company continues its sales activities not only in the Russian Federation region, but also in other CIS countries. AO Kemipex company conducts various marketing activities to expand its sales network and activities. Seminars are organized between the dealers and retail sales points. Furthermore, the on-site practical trials are applied by the professionals from DYO Academy. International and regional fairs held within the borders of the Russian Federation are attended every year. Support is provided to customers by offering promotional materials.

Our company is in active cooperation with the Trade and Industry Chamber of Russia, Turkish Trade Representative Office, federal institutions and municipalities in Russia. DYO brand products are used in many construction projects with the close cooperation we have established with construction companies.

In 2020, Kemipex was awarded for its contribution to the development of economy and entrepreneurship in the Krasnodar Territory and for collabration with the Krasnodar Territory Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

We always focus on the requirements of our customers and dealers and fulfill and deliver their orders as soon as possible. We quickly respond to the questions and bring a solution to problems that arise together with our technical team. We are pleased and proud to offer solutions to many sectors resulting in the achievement of success.