Message From Our Honorary President, Mr. Selçuk Yaşar

"I have never given up working, loving what I do, being honest, patient and thankful. Life is very difficult, but when one remains patient, it offers you all the luck.

Feeling grateful is what I always do. It is important to be grateful both for your health and your assets but one issue should never be overlooked: Perseverance.

Which means to be willing and determined to achieve success.

Love people in the first place. This will bring team play and afterwards the achievement of success.  You will be the one advancing towards success. You will be a dreamer and totally believe in your dreams. You will strive.

We established Yaşar Group having faith in these beliefs and values; we have developed it to achieve the stance it has today. As long as we are in existence, we will continue to serve our country and society with this understanding, together with the support of our stakeholders.
My desire is that Yaşar Group proceeds further and changes for the better at all times..."

Selçuk Yaşar
Honorary President